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There can be few better places in the UK to come for a painting holiday than Cornwall. For both beginners and more accomplished artists, Cornwall offers such a range of subjects and landscapes that you could spend a whole year here and still have something new and exciting to paint or draw! It is often said that there’s a different quality of light in Cornwall which appeals particularly to artists. St. Ives is especially famous for attracting an internationally renowned group of artists in the first half of the 20th century, who laid the foundations for the area’s reputation as a creative and artistic mecca, but artistic communities exist all over Cornwall, with the county being home to the highest concentration of creatively employed people outside of London.

The wide open skies and rapidly changing cloud and seascapes provide perfect conditions for painters and artists of all kinds seeking inspiration from the natural world, whatever the weather. And the multitude of harbours and seaside villages offer great opportunities to capture the colour and movement of Cornwall’s special way of life.

Cornwall is home to a wealth of fantastic galleries large and small where you can gain inspiration from artists in all sorts of styles, techniques and media. As well as the permanent gallery and exhibition spaces, there is an annual Open Studios season in early summer, during which hundreds of artists and craftspeople throw open the doors of their studios and houses to welcome in visitors from all over the country.

So whether you come on holiday to Cornwall to paint and create your own art, visit the settings that have inspired others or view great works in galleries, you’ll find Cornwall a fantastic place to get your creative juices flowing.


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